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Tom - Lord of All Angelmen Hi and thanks for coming to my site.  My name is Tom and I have Angelman Syndrome....have it bad.  Unfortunately for Angelman, it picked the wrong guy, for I am both a bad ass and total mofo, and I fully intend curing Angelman so I can get on with my real calling of being the world's most amazing international man of mystery (or failing that I might become an accountant...but I won't be doing either of those if we can't find a cure!).

However to cure Angelman there is one slight problem...I need $30m. As a baby with severe developmental delays its not easy to come by that kind of cash.   One of the symptoms of Angelman is low moral fiber*.  To that end I am prepared to sell my opinions, thoughts and sundry ramblings....all for only a $1.  Give me a dollar and you get to read my irreverant articles**.  You will also have a chance to vote on all sorts of useless nonsense that I put on the site, including how I think and feel about certain subjects, such as football teams and the latest fruit based gagets.   You would be in essence controlling my mind...imagine how powerful that will make you feel!   No boo hoo sob stories or slow piano music to tug at your heart strings....just good value...your dollar for my thoughts, opinions, articles and my soul.

* - Not really.

** - You get to see them anyway....I can't be bothered hooking up the donations to the content!

Its not a lot of money, honest.

I am not trying to cure cancer here, or land a man on the moon (or become President of the USA...each candidate will spend close to $1 billion in next years elections!!!)....I just need $30m for the propsect of finding a cure.  I toyed with asking 3 people for $10m each, but it turns out not many people have $10m.  However EVERYONE has a dollar..even poor people have a dollar.  So if I can persuade 30m people to give me one of their lovely dollars we are set.  If you really haven't got a dollar (or more likely can't face the prospect of actually getting your credit card out of your pocket and putting all those numbers in) then at lease help me go viral....tweet about an article, or like me on facebook, or become my facebook friend (or tell someone when you are next Skyping with them!).  If we start with 1000 people and everyone tells 1 person and that happens 16 times we will reach our $30 million goal.

The Power of Going ViralSo although $30m is a lot of money, $1 isn't.  I am not looking for a weekly, monthly or annual donation...I just want one single solitary dollar.  My kingdom for a dollar!  Also, we don't want your email address, name, favourite pet, cup size or first school you went to...we just want your dollar!!